Back to the Bays

After leaving Great Barrier, we headed north past Whangarei and the Poor Knights (a very famous diving site) and on to the Bay of Islands as we had to meet Steve Dashew in Russel the next morning. WIth building winds, we picked a bay near Assassination Cove (the scene of a Maori massacre many years ago).

On the way up, we passed Cape Brett – a spectacular and slightly menacing place. On the hill below is the Cape Brett light.


There is an enormous rock off the cape with an impressive hole in it.


Yes – that is a commercial ferry that just passed thru. We weren’t brave enough to try.

The Bay of Islands deserves a lot of exploration time. We simply didn’t have it and will have to go back. The following is one of th entrances to one of its many bays.


After anchoring and before the blow, we did have a brief time to explore. Deb, as usual, was after rocks and shells.


For Ron Lane, there was an interesting tree on the beach – excuse the photography. I have enough trouble mastering this blog stuff.


Finally, a bit of and obligatory sunset.


More to come and cheers to all – we miss you and wish you were here with us.

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