Maurelle Bay

We are currently anchored in Maurelle Bay (still in the Vava’U area – the most northern group of islands in Tonga). I am a bit behind in my posts, but today was so neat I will jump ahead and catch up on some other places later.

Not far from here is Swallow Cave (2 of them) which are large enough to drive the dink in to around low tide. Deb and I went in to the caves on the dink while Steve held the boat off. It made for some great shots.

This is the entrance to the smaller cave.



Inside the smaller cave, the roof is open to the island bush above.


This view is inside the larger cave. The chamber is probably a00 feet across and 75 feet high. There are side chambers which go back in further – we decided to pass on that.


Finally, a view of Iron Lady from inside the first cave as she passes by the opening.


More on Maurelle Bay in a bit – it had great reefs for snorkeling, a nice beach and we had it all to ourselves.


Pete and Deb

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