As we headed north out of Lefuka, the winds and seas continued to drop and fall further aft of the beam. Life was good. New Shabby was out and we caught a nice Mahi Mahi. Life was getting even better.

We arrived at our anchorage off Namena around 1400. The island is totally private with a very nice eco resort (Moody’s Namena) which is open only to guests, but Deb charmed her way in to see the island and the resort. All power is provided by solar and wind generators and all food is grown organically. The island and all surrounding waters are protected and no take zones. Nigel, the manager, was very kind and took us on a tour of the island.

The next morning, Deb and Steve went snorkeling (I couldn’t – seems I ripped off my big toe nail and I was afraid of infection – but that is another story – and you won’t here it from me).

The reef was spectacular and the bird life and plant life were equally awesome. Enjoy the pics.


This is a red footed booby chick still in the nest.


Finally, no such thing as too many sunsets.



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2 Responses to Namena

  1. molly potter thayer & charles thayer (on CHARTWELL) says:

    debbie and pete,

    we are sitting at highborne cay and of course we asked barbara about you, which lead to us calling you….. we are reading and looking thru your travelouge. we have told sara about it too. WOW, what an adventure. really great that you kids carried thru with it and are living such a rewarding experience. we’ll continue to follow you. if you ever need crew, i have a 20 year old nephew that is very mechanical and would love to sign on. all the best, molly

    • myironlady says:

      Hello Chartwell and all our dear friends at Highborne!

      We often think about all of you. It will be a number of years before Iron Lady actually gets back to Florida and the Bahamas, but Highborne will be one of our first stops. It will always hold a special place in our hearts, but there is an awful lot to see and do on the way. Next January, the plan is to do the South Island of New Zealand and then down to the subantarctic islands well south of NZ. Not sure after that but Polynesia, South America, Costa Rica and up to Alaska are all in the plans.

      The Nordhavn was a good boat but I would never have attempted a trip like this on it. Iron Lady is the real deal.

      Take care and say Hi to everyone.

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