Iron Lady’s Travels – 2011

A few of you have been asking about just where Tonga, Fiji and Vanuatu and Iron Lady are on the map. Well courtesy of Google Earth, here it is. Off to the left side of the map is Australia. At the bottom left of center is New Zealand.

Iron Lady 2011

We left the North island of New Zealand in early April. Our first destination was Nuku Akofa in Tonga roughly 1250 nautical miles from New Zealand. That will give some idea as to the scale of the map. Then it was on to Fiji where Iron Lady is currently. We will do another trip around Fiji with 2 of our children when we rejoin our gal around July 22nd. Unfortunately, the scale of the map does not permit showing the details of our travels among the islands of Fiji and Tonga but that is covered in other posts.

After our children head home around August 13, our plan is to head for Vanuatu at the top center of the map. Then it will be back to Whangarei on the North island of New Zealand sometime late in September. Iron Lady will then spend some time in Whangarei at Circa Marine (the builder) for some modifications and minor fixes.

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  1. Denis Umstot says:

    I am interested in your fuel burn data for your long runs to publish in Voyaging Under Power, 4th Edition. I would like the following:
    1. from and to
    2. distance
    3. fuel consummed
    4. average speed
    5. hours of passage

    I am gathering this info on many passagemaking boats.

    • myironlady says:

      Hi Dennis

      Our trip so far has been Whangarei, NZ to Tonga to Fiji with a good amount of gunk holing in Tonga and Fiji. We pressed the tanks in NZ and pressed them again in Suva, Fiji. Total burn was approximately 5600 liters.

      Total time on the main between fill ups was 369 hours. Total time on the genset was 502 hours. At 75% load (we tend to load the genset at least that much) the spec fuel burn is 1400 liters for the genset. That leaves 4200 liters for the main or 11.4 liters per hour.

      We typically run between 1600 and 1800 RPM which gives us between 9 and 10 knots.

      Beyond that, you will have to draw your own conclusions, but everyone thinks I am nuts when I talk about consumptions like this.



  2. Denis Umstot says:

    Thanks Pete. Can you give me the total distance as registered on your GPS? I am trying to compare nmpg. When on passage, do you vary your rpm between 1600 and 1800, or do you have a rpm that you usually run? What engine and hp do you have?


    • myironlady says:

      Hi Dennis

      I gave you some bad info on consumptions. Have redone the math as follows. 369 hours on the main (John Deere 6068 rated at roughly 230 HP). 526 hours on the genset. Total fuel used is 6600 liters. Using 2.8 L/Hr for the genset is 1473 liters. That leaves 5127 liters for the main. Translates to 13.9 liters per hour on the main which is more like it. We tend to vary the RPM on passage – typical is probably 1650 to 1750 RPM. Depending on sea state, we are typically in the 9.6 knot range. Can’t give exact numbers as the GPS was not synched at the time we loaded fuel. You should also know that we run two very large alternators (output is over 300 Amps at 24 Volts) on the main engine as well as hydraulics for the stabilizers.

      Steve Dashew has some good info on his website that would be worth taking a look at.


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