Qamea 2

By the time the weather broke a bit, it was time for us to head on north so we will have to reserve the Exploring Isles in the Lau group for another time. Having said that, there were some beautiful bays, beaches and islands to explore around SuSui as well.

I never get tired of fish pictures so here is another.


And one as Mr. Mahi gets dressed for dinner.


We had some more fish adventures on the way to Qamea, but they will remain stories about the ones that got away.


Pictures tend to flatten the waves dramatically, but they were running over 10 feet – that is the top of one swell behind the boat. Despite the waves, Kim and Paul are enjoying a comfortable ride on the back deck.

As for the ones that got away, we had a big Marlin take one of the meat lines – that lasted all of a few spectacular seconds. The other monster was on the rod – we fought it for 45 minutes and couldn’t gain any line. It finally broke off – no clue what it was but we expect a monster tuna. Glad the Mahi decided to stay for dinner.

We arrived at Qamea but the bay off the resort was too rough and reefy to risk anchoring there. We headed one bay north and found reasonable although not ideal conditions. The main reason for the stop was the reef. Unfortunately the water was roiled from wind and rain so the reef wasn’t really lit up, but it was still beautiful.
















We had two nights and just over one full day at Qamea mostly devoted to snorkeling but the troops did manage to hit the resort and the spa – big surprise.

Next stop Yanuca.

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  1. D.M. Zuniga says:

    It does my heart good, Pete, to see such healthy reef ecosystem. And there’s nothing like a plate of fresh-caught Mahi-Mahi. Beautiful log you have going here; you have many vicarious crew along with you, you realise.

    • myironlady says:

      Most of the reef we saw in Fiji was in very good shape but I am sad to say that isn’t the case many of the places we have been – particularly in the Florida Keys and Bahamas. It has been both surprising and gratifying as to how many people are following along. A blog is a fair amount of work and those who are following help to keep me going.


  2. marcus petraska says:

    we were in Matagi earlier this year – just north of you. the reefs there appeared to be in excellent shape, plenty of small fish and a few very solid Giant Trevally.

  3. Chris says:

    Just another vote of thanks for the blog, from an envious ‘vicarious crew’. We greatly appreciate the effort it takes to keep this going, and wish you well in all your travels.

  4. Mike Parker says:

    Hi Pete,
    I tried to send a note earlier, but the comm link failed so here is another try.
    We must have just missed you in Qamea. We went past there on our way to and from the Lau Group. It would have been nice to hook up with you guys, but perhaps we will see you in New Zealand early next year.
    It’s been a good trip for us so far with lots of scuba diving. Oh yes, we had to beef up our fishing lines too.
    We will be Savusavu in an hour or two; first large town in quite a while.
    Mike Parker
    FPB Avatar

    • myironlady says:

      Hi Mike!

      Sorry we were ships passing in the night. Hope your weather was better then ours. We will be back in Whangarei in January and will be doing the South Island. Hope to see you then – probably should schedule and FPB owner’s party as we will both be there and 5, 6 and 7 will be well along. What are your cruising plans next year?



      PS Mike and Carol Parker are proud owners of FBB 64-1, Avatar. We last saw Avatar in Denerau, but Mike and Carol were back in the USA.

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