Savusavu 2

With a variety of weather enroute from Yanuca, we arrived Savusavu shortly after noon. There were showers about and we were able to catch this unusual double rainbow.

DSC 1345

DSC 1344

We were anchored just outside the main mooring ball area with a view of the hot springs which flow into the bay here.

DSC 1340

DSC 1343

It was a beautiful afternoon and the light was fantastic with the sun, clouds and scattered rain showers about.

DSC 1351

DSC 1341

A few of the locals stopped by to check out Iron Lady – looks like they could use a bit more free board.



Our last afternoon together was spent touring town (doesn’t take very long – probably a 10 minute walk from one end to the other). We had a great dinner at the Surf and Turf on the far end of town. The food was excellent and very reasonable.

After dinner, a happy and contented crew back aboard Iron Lady.


And finally, one last sunset (and yes – that is really the way it looked – no Photoshop enhancement here).

DSC 1353

The next morning, Kim, Paul and George were homeward bound and we were not far behind. The boat was on its way back to Whangarei and while Deb and I would have liked to make the trip, some pressing matters at home required our early departure.

As of this writing, Iron Lady is safely back in Whangarei after an uneventful trip down from Fiji. She has been moved on to the hard at Circa where she is undergoing some modifications, warranty and other repairs in advance of our trip in January. In another post, I will summarize the work we are doing after almost 6500 nautical miles of cruising in her first year.


Pete and Deb

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2 Responses to Savusavu 2

  1. Ben Hines says:

    Looking to purchase 64-3 # 8/9. What r your main& genset hrs?Would u miss bunk BR if it expanded ER for get -home? What camera gear do u use?LOA of dingy and would it be worth weight of diesel OB?What communication gear?Look fwd to your revision plans. Thank u 4 your time. Ben

    • myironlady says:

      Hi Ben

      Don’t have the exact numbers, but both should be over 700 hours now. You don’t have to sacrifice the crew cabin for the get home. The get home is being installed in the engine room where the Kabola is now. Having said that, given our cruising style, I would not sacrifice the crew cabin if that were required. There was some talk about doing a twin engine 64 in which case the crew cabin would have to go, but I don’t think anyone has seriously pursued this. We are waiting to see how the get home arrangement works out on hulls 1 and 5 and then will make a decision.

      On camera gear, my big guy is a Nikon D5000 (today I would get the D7000) with 18/200 and 10/24 lenses. Most of the time I use the 18/200. Wouldn’t make any changes on the lenses. For work in the water I have a Panasonic Lumix DMC – adequate but being waterproof is its forte. For when I don’t want to carry around the Nikon, I have a Canon S95 pocket camera which I absolutely love. Almost all of the features of an SLR, a fast F2.0 lense, good zoom, HD video and great sound. If I only could take one camera, this would be it.

      Dinghy is around 13.5 feet. Hull 4 has a rebuilt Yanmar diesel outboard – not sure how it has worked out but I know it is a lot heavier. Personally, I would stick with a tried and true Yami 2 stroke.

      On the communications side, I did a post on Iron Lady’s office which you can look up on the blog. It details things as they are currently set up. I will be making a revision here to add 3G data. I will be detailing that in another post. The only other change I would make if doing it today would be to switch the FBB 150 over to the new KVH system – data and phone rates are about 1/2 of what FBB charges. You do sacrifice some coverage however. The way I use the FBB, the cost to swap it out simply isn’t worth it.



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