Changes in Latitude

Last NZ summer took us deep in to the Southern Ocean to roughly 50 degrees south latitude. One of our sons, George, and I are just back from an Alaskan fishing trip to roughly 60 degrees north latitude. (None of this has much to do with Buffet’s song, but it sounded good so I used it anyway).

Nor does Alaska have much to do with Iron Lady’s present location in NZ getting a get home drive installed, but next year, our plans call for a trip across the Pacific from NZ to the Pacific Northwest – then from there to Alaska. That’s my excuse for including this post.

Anyway, plans called for me to fly to Chicago and meet my son who lives there and fly on together to Anchorage where we were to spend the night. Not to be. I got a call at 3 AM that my flight from Pittsburgh had been delayed by two hours. Well, I have been to this dance before so I went to the airport early and found out that the plane was on a mechanical delay and they were flying mechanics in to fix it. That sounded like away more then a 2 hour delay so I prevailed upon an agent at the ticket counter to rebook me. Good thing, my original flight was posting a six hour delay when I left Pittsburgh. Good thing, I got the last two seats on flights that would get me to Anchorage that day. VERY bad thing, my new routing took me from Pitt to Dallas with a 6 hour layover and then to Anchorage. Oh well – the joys of modern air travel. At least I made Anchorage that night with all bags because the next morning we were off to the wilds of Alaska on a Pennair flight to Dillingham.

IMG 0122

Dillingham lies at the upper reaches of Bristol Bay and that is our departure point to Bristol Bay Lodge. The trip from Anchorage was beautiful and here are some shots of some of the mountains as we flew over.

IMG 0127

IMG 0128

And here is Dillingham International Airport.

IMG 0131

From there, the folks at Bristol bay Lodge met us and took us for a 30 minute van ride to Lake Aleknagik. From there, it is a 40 minute jet boat ride to the lodge.

IMG 0133

Here is son George.

IMG 0137

And the lake.

IMG 0136

And the Lodge.

IMG 0141

IMG 0142

There wasn’t much downtime. A quick lunch, get our fishing licenses and a overview by Lodge Manager Steve Laurent and we were suited up in our waders and off for an afternoon of fishing by 1 PM. Our first destination was by a Beaver float plane to Togiak. This was our ride.

IMG 0143

Instruction before takeoff.

IMG 0144

The Lodge form the air.

IMG 0146

And the scenery on the way to Togiak.

IMG 0148

IMG 0150

IMG 0153

IMG 0154

IMG 0156

(Yes – those mountains do have new snow and yes – they are much higher then we were flying – about 200 AGL) (200 feet above ground to you non pilots).

And Yes – that little stretch of river is our landing spot.

IMG 0161

Where our guides were waiting for us.

IMG 0159

Didn’t take George long to show up his Dad with this nice rainbow.

IMG 0165

But mine was bigger.

IMG 0168

Back at the plane, it was time for us and our partners, Pete and Laura to head for Rainbo Camp for the night.

IMG 0169

IMG 0170

Who says camping can’t be fun?

IMG 0174

IMG 0175

Great end to a great day.

IMG 0176

IMG 0177

Next AM, back out to slay the fish. George hooked up first.

IMG 0190

Nice Silver Salmon.

IMG 0193

And a happy camper.

IMG 0195

And a happy Dad (even though George caught more fish).

IMG 0197

And our ride back to the Lodge.

IMG 0196

And our beds (which looked awfully good).

IMG 0207

All this in just 36 hours from our arrival in Dillingham.

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4 Responses to Changes in Latitude

  1. Steve says:

    Great photos Pete. Thanks for sharing! Steve

    • myironlady says:

      Thanks – hope to join you for the art night – Deb gets in tonight and will let you know. Think you should really join us on one of these Alaskan adventures. An absolute must do!

  2. Laird & Gini Stuart says:

    Well, as I think of our accomodations on Lake Ontario, it seems to me you are actually getting soft! If you ever need a chaplain in that place, I know one…..

    • myironlady says:

      Wonder it that cottage is still standing – or – has now fallen into the lake. George and I were talking about Beehives, Wings and King Cuts of Roast Beast like we used to get on Ontario. All that would plug your arteries solid in about 3 days. Will consider the Chaplain request.

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