Alaska – Part 2

Mostly pictures this time – Mother Nature really tells the best story with a bit of our stuff thrown in.

First, a few shots from around Bristol Bay Lodge –

IMG 0208

IMG 0212

And one later in the week with a storm approaching.

IMG 0341

We flew out on the Lodge’s 3 DeHaviland Beaver float planes just about very day. Production of these planes stopped in 1967, but a whole cottage industry has grown up around restoring them to top notch condition. With a big 450 horsepower radial engine and STOL capability (short take off and landing), these planes are the station wagon of the north. Bristol Bay Lodge has three along with three extremely proficient bush pilots including Steve (who is also the Lodge Manager), Reuben and Dan.

A great part of the trip was flying over the wild terrain below the mountain peaks sightseeing and watching for animals.

IMG 0220

IMG 0222

IMG 0223

IMG 0225

IMG 0233

And then the landings….

IMG 0234

IMG 0235

No big deal to them but fun for us.

A group photo with Laura, Peter, George and me.

IMG 0241

Off on the hunt.

IMG 0247

A golden eagle (sorry for the picture quality).

IMG 0249

A bald eagle nest with fledglings.

IMG 0266

And momma trying to draw us away.

IMG 0269

And our night at Birch Camp.

IMG 0271

IMG 0272

Another nice high latitude sunset.

IMG 0274

George (on the river early) with another couple of nice fish.

IMG 0295

IMG 0298

A nice Dolly Varden

IMG 0278

A real big Grayling

IMG 0291

But Dad won the day with this Monsta Dolly Varden at around 30inches.

IMG 0306

A few days in between, but I thought we needed to show the best of an Alaskan shore lunch. The preparations.

IMG 0328

Skillet fired potatoes.

IMG 0331

Grilled salmon in a marinade.

IMG 0328

Pan sautéed salmon in a wine/buttermilk mix.

IMG 0336

Guides Bob and Art cooking same along with apple fritters.

IMG 0337

IMG 0338

I have had a few Canadian shore lunches in my day, but this was over the top.

Finally, George with a nice Silver Salmon.

IMG 0353

And a very happy father and son.

IMG 0344

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4 Responses to Alaska – Part 2

  1. Sali says:

    Bloody AMAZING…you guys sure do get around !!!!!

    • myironlady says:

      Thanks Sali!

      We try. Can’t wait to get back to our gal in NZ.
      Hope all is well with you folks. Hear that hull 6 is getting close. Give our best to Val and Stan when they get there. Very nice folks!


  2. Laird & Gini Stuart says:

    Dear Pete,
    what a great trip. The shore lunch pictures had my mouth watering, and brought to mind our dinners after salmon fishing!
    It is also good, as it was in the last batch of these pictures, to see how George has grown.


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