Nelson to Takaka (and back)

Heading on from Nelson (by land yacht), we traveled across a mountain range with spectacular views (and a gut churning roadway) to Takaka and Pupu Springs.

First the gut wrenching part — a view across the fertile land.

DSC 2556

On the rise thru the mountains.

DSC 2558

DSC 2560

DSC 2565

At the top, we stopped at Hawkes Lookout and did a short walkabout.

DSC 2564

DSC 2569

The rock formations were spectacular.

DSC 2563

And the views even better. You can get a pretty good sense of the road looking back down the valley.

DSC 2566

DSC 2567

This is looking back over Abel Tasman Park and Bay. It doesn’t look like this many days of the year.

DSC 2571

More views along the way.

DSC 2574

DSC 2575

Some sheep stuff that I was instructed to take – no “sheet” (but good for dinner).

DSC 2586

DSC 2589

DSC 2593

DSC 2594

Somehow, I must have forgotten to take pictures in Takaka – Deb was shopping and I was yawning. Anyway – if you like artsy craftsy communities – this is your gig.

We also went to “World Famous” Pupu springs. I won’t say that the self proclamation was full of “poo poo”, but it was close. The springs are quite beautiful and the clarity is impressive. The water flow is equally impressive, but, sadly, the whole shooting match could use some TLC.

DSC 2576

DSC 2577
DSC 2580

DSC 2581

DSC 2582

DSC 2583

Finally, a few shots of logging in NZ. It is truly a regenerative and commercial affair. The best of the terrain is reserved for better purposes and the steep mountainsides are reserved for growing timber. You can see form these shots that all pines are hand planted – and then they are hand trimmed to insure uniform size. A monstrous job that requires you are be as strong as a grizzly and as nimble as a mountain goat. No thanks.

DSC 2595

DSC 2600

DSC 2598

DSC 2597

Not sure what happened to these guys, but someone was heartbroken at expended labor with no return.

Nest post – time to get back to our gal and hit the water again.

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  1. David says:

    Breathtaking scenery; beautiful work, Pete.

  2. Laird & Gini Stuart says:

    “whatabout” good British expression!

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