Picton to White Island

We covered some of this ground in an earlier post about New Zealand weather (Weather or Not to Go), but I’ll throw some more pictures in here. The journey from Picton to White Island took us back out of Queen Charlotte Sound, across Cook Straight to Cape Palliser, along the coat to Castle Point and then around East Cape to the Bay of Plenty where White Island is located – a distance of some 500 nautical miles – just over 2 days at our normal cruising speed. You can get to that post by clicking here.

We took a pretty significant beating with gale force winds and opposing seas on the way up the coast – fortunately it didn’t last long and most of the trip was benign.

Leaving Queen Charlotte.

DSC 2531

Cape Palliser.

DSC 2665

DSC 2668

Some views along the coast.

DSC 2669

DSC 2670

Sunrise the morning after the blow.

DSC 2673

Deb enjoying a nice day on the flybridge reading (OMG) Fifty Shades of Grey.

DSC 2689

The aftermath in the dink – those fuel tanks were full and they were tossed around like ping pong balls – we are now adding stops to keep them in place.

DSC 2680

A few sunsets.

DSC 2698

DSC 2694

And dawn as we approached White Island.

DSC 2701

Now I am actually going to break White Island in to a few posts as it was unlike anything I have ever experienced.

DSC 2893

Yup – White Island is an active volcano out in the middle of the Bay of Plenty.

DSC 2742

White is an andesite stratovolcano – which for us lay folks translates to a tall, conical volcano composed of many layers of igneous rock. White Island rises some 1000 feet above sea level but that is just the above water portion. The volcano actually rises some 5300 feet from the surrounding sea bed.

The volcano has produced both ash and lava flows but during our visit, the activity was primarily steam, sulfurous gasses, fumaroles and boiling mud. As recently as July and August of 2012 (we were on the island in April) there were signs of increased activity and minor eruptions of ash. In point of fact, we noted sudden changes in the behavior of the volcano and it did make us uneasy. The central crater is presently a boiling lake of mud, water and sulphur.

To give some perspective to the scale of things, that is Deb slightly below the center of this picture.

DSC 2785

More on White in the next post, but I’ll leave you with a few more shots.

DSC 2810

DSC 2794

DSC 2841

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8 Responses to Picton to White Island

  1. marcus petraska says:

    some fantastic fishing and diving to be had at White

  2. David says:

    Boy howdy…quite the adventuresome couple! What if it had decided to spit you a few thousand feet into the air? ;o)

  3. Ben Hines says:

    Won’t be long now, JUST 24-30 months and I will take ownership and follow in your wake with hull # 10. Please leave non-degradable bread crumbs or better yet buoys! Would love to benefit from your experience . Besides the unavailable,at that time,wing engine,what would you do differently?Construction begins in spring. As always, gratefully yours Ben Hines

    PS Are you satisfied with dive compressor and set-up? With shallow draft and ladder, do you use mothership or have you set up dingy as diving platform? Thank you for all you do,for all of us vicariously puttering along yelling “Wait for me!”

    Sent from my iPad

    • myironlady says:

      Congrats Ben! Glad to here you are joining the fleet.

      Wing engine for sure. Aft head is your call. I designed a variant with an in head shower stall with sink across the way in the companion way. I wish I had done that but got talked out of it. Having said that, we have put a shower rod and curtain fore and aft between the sink and the toilet with the shower area being on the toilet side and that has worked very well. I put an athwartships berth over the guest berth at the aft end. It works well for sleeping someone small and also works as a good storage spot. While it does close in the cabin a bit, the cabin is really only for sleeping anyway. On the galley, I prefer the original galley arrangement as opposed to the reduced size galley. Location of the speed oven is your call but I like it under counter over the dishwasher. Aft deck – I prefer the original arrangement that I have but, again, that is a matter of preference. With the new arrangement, the plus is the seating, the minus is lack of space for the inflatable dink (and we have found that we do need both an inflatable and the Circa dink). Electronics are your call but I would definitely have the Furuno scanning sonar. We are very happy with Furuno NN3D (with 2 radars) – a bit less so with Maxsea on a laptop but the interface and chart sharing with the NN3D is tough to beat. Putting an SSB with Pactor modem in the office has worked well for comm, weather and sailmail – I wouldn’t be without it despite the expense. Sat com, wifi and 3G are changing so rapidly that I would visit that as you get closer.

      On the whole, hulls 5 thru 9 have lots of very nice improvements that you are going to love – it is wonderful to see how they keep refining an already wonderful boat. Finally, the Circa dink has been wonderful and keeps getting refined with nice adds and owner mods that make it even better – would definitely get one modified to your preferences.

      I do not have a dive compressor – best to ask Todd what others have done. We do keep tanks aboard. Both the mothership and the dink work very well for diving.

      As you go along, would be happy to share our thoughts – just let me know.

      Welcome aboard!

  4. Lynn Miser says:

    How do I locate the earlier post to which you refer (Weather or Not to Go)? Your photo certainly increase our anticipation of our cruise on Princess from Auckland to Sydney at the end of this year.

    • myironlady says:

      Hi Lynn

      There are two ways. Type “Weather or Not to Go” which was the title of the post into the Search box – or – Under Categories, select “New Zealand 2012” and then keep selecting “older posts” at the bottom until you come to it. Since the individual words weather or not to go are pretty common in my posts, the Search feature brings up a lot of posts so, in this case, the other procedure works better. In the future, I will add links so that you can get there with one mouse click (just did so on this one).

      Enjoy your cruise.

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