White Volcano

Last time I threw in some pictures of our White Volcano adventure. More pictures this time.

In the early 1900’s, there was a sulphur processing operation on White Island. Some 14 people lived and worked there to extract sulphur which was used for a variety of purposes – mostly medicinal. I can’t imagine living on the island for lots of reasons, but a big one is the unpredictability of the volcanic action. On an ill-fated day in 1914, 14 people died and the sulphur processing facility were destroyed by a lahar.

Here are some shots of the ruins.

DSC 2849

DSC 2851

DSC 2852

DSC 2853

DSC 2854

DSC 2856

There is very little living on the island as a result of the sulfurous gasses emanating from the central lake and caldera. There is, however, a thriving colony of birds on one of the upland slopes. All of the slopes exposed to the gasses, however, are barren.

DSC 2758

DSC 2869

A few pictures of Iron Lady sitting (albeit uncomfortably in my mind) just offshore.

DSC 2855

DSC 2850

And our trusty dink, Beer Can, waiting for our departure.

DSC 2859

Some more shots from around the island.

DSC 2765

DSC 2766

DSC 2772

DSC 2778

DSC 2786

DSC 2787

DSC 2790

DSC 2791

DSC 2795

DSC 2793

DSC 2803

DSC 2810

DSC 2815

DSC 2819

DSC 2821

DSC 2828

DSC 2830

We wanted to get to the caldera, but things got a bit too “active” so we retreated to Iron Lady. As we departed, there were a few large bursts of steam and gasses. Glad that we saw it from a distance.

DSC 2893

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4 Responses to White Volcano

  1. David says:

    Boy howdy…you’re braver than I am, Pete!

  2. Laird & Gini Stuart says:

    And a “lahar” would be? I can all too easily imagine the smell. What a striking landscape, almost like another planet.

    • myironlady says:

      A Lahar is of is a mixture of volcanic material, mud and water. Imagine a huge mudslide except extremely hot that races down hill destroying everything in its path. Not nice. The sensation was exactly like being on an alien world.

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