Great Mercury

From the White Island volcano, it was off across the Bay of Plenty to Great Mercury Island off the Coromandel Peninsula. The island is part of a group of islands only one of which, Great Mercury, is inhabited. Great Mercury is a private island owned by Sir Michael Fay – it is available for rent (at a very lofty price). We were most fortunate in that Joe knew John and Amie who were caretakers on the island.

Great Mercury is so named as a result of Captain Cook who stopped here in 1769 both to seek shelter and measure the transit of the planet mercury across the sun. Measuring the transit time from various locations was an important step in determining earth’s distance from the sun.

As for us, we were happy to arrive in the sheltered bay off the compound shortly before another blow was due. First a few pictures of our approach. The first is a picture of the cliffs on Great Mercury – over 1000 feet high.

DSC 2904

DSC 2908

DSC 2907

DSC 2912

The sun was setting as we dropped anchor.

DSC 2920

And the next weather system was approaching.

DSC 2911

The next morning, John and Amie were on the dock to greet us.

DSC 2936

And this nice fellow stopped by with a fresh snapper.

DSC 2947

A shot of Iron lady sitting at anchor – you can get a sense of the wind from the angle of the anchor rode.

DSC 2948

From there, it was off on a day of exploration about the island.

DSC 2985

This is a view of an area they have nicknamed Stonehenge.

DSC 2953

Some nice views from around the island.

DSC 2986

DSC 2990

DSC 3002

DSC 3010

DSC 3019

DSC 3020

IMG 1081

Our mode of transport – 4 wheel drive required.

IMG 1071

DSC 2988

Some happy campers.

IMG 1080

IMG 1074

IMG 1072

And some shots from the top of the cliffs. The young folks here are troubled teens who were participating in an outward bound type experience camping out on the island for about a week. Part of the drill was to repel down the cliff face around 10 meters to a ledge to get the full sensation. We were offered a chance – no thanks!

DSC 3021

DSC 3028

DSC 3025

IMG 1091

After a long day of exploring, John, Joe and I went out for a bit of fishing – more on that next time. I’ll close with a shot of some cows who, for reasons unknown, seemed to like the top of this hill.

DSC 3034

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  1. Steve says:

    What a beautiful island! Thanks for sharing.

    Steve Guinn

    • myironlady says:

      Thanks – We were really fortunate that Joe knew John and Amie as most of the island is inaccessible. Unless I get going on posts, we will be off on our next adventure before I finish our last.

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