Rangitoto is an island volcano (presently inactive) near Auckland Harbor. Turns out that Auckland is a geologic hotspot with something like 48 volcanos (all currently inactive) within 30 miles of New Zealand’s major population center – home to fully 50% of New Zealand’s 4 million residents. Good thing they are inactive – very bad thing if they decide differently.

Rangitoto is almost perfectly symmetrical so looks almost the same no matter where you view it from.

IMG 1130

We anchored Iron Lady in one of the bays.

IMG 1158

That is her left and below center. Deb was not feeing well so Joe an I decided to make the trek to the top – roughly 2 to 3 hours in each direction – while Deb watched our gal.

Here are some views as we walked. Some of the ancient lava fields.

IMG 1132

IMG 1134

IMG 1141

Overlook views along the way.

IMG 1135

IMG 1144

IMG 1145

IMG 1146

Looking back at Auckland.

IMG 1149

IMG 1154

A view of the central crater as we walked around the top.

IMG 1143

The viewing station (from WW2 that was a lookout) at the top.

IMG 1155

And the “easy way” back down.

IMG 1161

Glad I don’t live under the sword of 48 volcanos.

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