George, the Marlin and the Shark

One of the things we hope that everyone gets to experience is wrestling with one of the large finny critters that swim around our here. Unfortunately, things had not been going well for son George and he was batting 0 after a number of hookups.

Well that changed pretty dramatically this time around. George arrived at the back of the boat to see a large marlin tail walking across the horizon. At first blush, he thought things would be pretty straight forward.


But it wasn’t long before the marlin decided that wasn’t the way it was going to be.


Some 45 minutes later, the marlin showed himself.


And then promptly dove straight down 150 feet or so. It was at this point that we noticed something else hanging around.



Nest time we got the marling near the boat, we noticed it was lacking a significant number of its body parts.


And as we tried to boat the marlin, the oceanic white tip sharp wasn’t the least bit bashful about attacking the marlin right at the transom.





The shark was aggressive enough that we simply cut the marlin loose and the last we saw was the shark following the marlin as it sank. In fact, it was disconcerting to see how it had virtually no fear or concern about our presence – it was going to have its way with the marlin.

We all felt bad for the marlin as we intended to release it but mother nature had other ideas. It was an amazing thing to see but also was a stark reminder about how things operate out here.

On this one, all complaints about killing a bill fish should be addressed directly to the shark.

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7 Responses to George, the Marlin and the Shark

  1. Bruce says:

    I’ve a picture of myself as a per-teen in the same situation when living in Key West. As I was fighting it the fish jumped in a beautiful arcing leap, and the shark followed. The shark manage to filet my catch in mid-air. The picture is my holding the head, all that was left to land. I still see that leap in my mind today. It was amazing. The shark then arrived at the stern of the boat, wanting the snack of the dolphin mom was landing. It was a big shark.

  2. Scotto says:

    Once caught a large Mackeral off the east coast of Bougainville, the two sharks left me the head!
    It was a BIG Mackeral!

  3. Matt says:

    Searching for wood fired pizza online and came across your sight,I feel like I went on a tropical vacation! Amazing

  4. john says:

    About 30 years ago my brother and I were trolling for Mackerel in the Florida Keys, and hooked a huge Marlin. It was a spectacular sight, leaping in the air. Then just as the Marlin was exiting the water for another leap, it stopped, thrashing about with its body only half out of the water. Blood began flying everywhere, and then it was gone, and the line snapped.

    Whatever grabbed that Marlin scared the pants off of us. Whatever it was, it was bigger than the Marlin, and at least as big as our boat. So we gunned the engine and got out the hell of there.

    Perhaps a Great White Shark?


    • myironlady says:

      Pretty much our reaction to seeing that shark bite that marlin in two. There are some mighty big critters out there. When we stopped on the equator for a quick dip over the side in 15000 feet of water, the sun light just disappeared into inky blackness below. Thinking about what might be down there looking up at us was enough to get us out of the water mighty quick.

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