Fatu Hiva Part 2

On our first visit, we met a local named Temo who was an excellent woodcarver. In addition, he did jeep tours over the mountains from Bay of Virgins to Omoa. We ultimately ended up doing this trip one and one half times. On the first, the rain set in and the road (dirt) as we headed over the top became increasingly dangerous. While Temo was unconcerned, we weren’t and made the decision to head back. So here are a few shots of our fist effort.

The first is the road as we came up and out of the Bay of Virgins.

IMG 1039

The second is looking back down on the bay and Iron Lady – and it is way steeper then it looks.

IMG 1042

The road winds yet higher.

IMG 1048

IMG 1052

IMG 1054

Our trusty 4 wheel ride and the end of the paved road.

IMG 1053

The going gets rougher.

IMG 1058

And a nice waterfall but time to head back to the barn.

IMG 1068

Our guests actually walked back down to the paved road.

More next time and pictures of the full trip when we competed it during our next visit to Fatu Hiva.

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  1. B. La Chiusa says:

    With the utmost respect, you’ll cross the oceans without pause through huge seas, frightening storms, horrific currents, and you won’t go up a perfectly nice 4X4 road in a perfectly nice 4X4? Again, with all the respect in the world that I have for you…… I suspect women were involved in this decision. Gosh, you are such a gentlemen too. Sorry if I offended. But….

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