Happy Thanksgiving

George and Gel are off the west coast this year but Kim, Peter, Lisa and Grandma Gerrick will be with us. Grandma Rossin is home bound but we will see her over the weekend . We have most of the prep work done and are enjoying a fire and a bit of peace and quiet before Turkey Day. Getting a bit nervous as big bird is still frozen hard as a rock – working on an expeditious thawing technique. Four days in the refer didn’t make a dent.

The winter storm that blew thru here yesterday turned to rain overnight so our snow totals are much less then north of here. Winds are picking up and it is going to be a blustery night.

Anyway, hope all of you have a great Thanksgiving and if that is not part of your tradition, enjoy the day.

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3 Responses to Happy Thanksgiving

  1. Kathi Guinn says:

    Have a delicious Thanksgiving!
    Kathi and Steve

    • myironlady says:

      Thanks everyone. To conclude our turkey story, the bird was still frozen solid last evening so I left it out and asked Deb to put it back in the refer when she came to bed. She forgot and the bird was room temp this morning. All night long I was having goofy dreams about turkey – now I know why – God was trying to warn me. Scared that we would poison the whole family, we called Giant Eagle at 5 AM and ordered another fresh bird – one of a few left and this one was 22.5 pounds (for 6 people – 6 people and a 22.5 pound turkey is the definition of eternity). I ran in to a friend at Giant Eagle who was hunting for a roasting pan for his bird (it was supposed to 14 to 18 pounds and was actually 25 pounds). We both had a good laugh. On the way home, there was a big turkey standing in the road on our street – I swear it was sticking out its tongue at me – or maybe giving me the bird.

      Happy Thanksgiving

  2. Bruce LaChiusa says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and all of your family. Thanks for all the wonder and enjoyment you have so graciously given to us through your experiences. A delight.

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