Fatu Hiva Jeep Ride

After our first aborted attempt to cross over the rugged terrain from Bay of Virgins to Omoa, we made a second attempt in better weather on our second visit. Lots of pictures this time as they are self explanatory. First view as we climb the road out of town.

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Looking back down on the road as it climbs out of the vilage.

DSC 6436

Climbing higher.

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Not for the faint hearted.

DSC 6441

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Steve and our guests Dan and Lisa elected to motor over to Omoa in Iron Lady.

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As we continue to climb, the road turns to dirt (seems the money ran out before it could be completed). Only the initial climb out of Bay of Virgins and the last of the decent into Omoa are concrete.

DSC 6451

DSC 6453

Nearing the top.

DSC 6459

DSC 6456

DSC 6460

If you look very closely, you can see Iron lady as she is motoring along the coast.

DSC 6467

A nice blow up of her at sea from the same picture.

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More nice views.

DSC 6473

DSC 6477

DSC 6480

Enroute, we met this fellow who was walking from Omoa to Bay of Virgins with a friend and his dogs (named Whiskey, Vodka, Rum, Scotch, et al) – guess you know what he liked. It takes over 8 hours to make the trek – hearty bunch these Marquesans.

DSC 6485

DSC 6486

DSC 6488

DSC 6499

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Descending into Omoa.

DSC 6509

DSC 6512

DSC 6517

With Iron Lady waiting for us.

DSC 6521

There is a lot of surge in the bay as can be seen from this picture, so we elected to visit the town and then head back to our anchorage at Bay of Virgins. More about Omoa next time.

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  1. Steve Guinn says:

    Great Photos!!! Nice diversion from the gray raining weather of Pittsburgh.


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