Grey Wolf

Steve Dashew just put up an interesting post on Grey Wolf – FPB 6 if I recall. She is bound from NZ to her new home port in England and plans to depart NZ for French Polynesia shortly. That is the same run we made last year although we were better positioned out of the South Pacific tropical storm season. I can attest to the fact that this is not an easy trip under the best of circumstances and what I am seeing based on the progs (weather forecast charts) that were part of Steve’s post made me pretty nervous. I would probably sit in Whangarei a bit longer to see how things develop.

It makes for a good read and Peter, Grey Wolf’s owner and skipper will be doing posts along the way. It should be really interesting to follow – I will certainly be doing so.

You can access Steve’s post on this by clicking here . Additional posts will be put up as Peter reports on Grey Wolf’s journey home.


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