New Blog Feature – Chart Table

As you probably noticed, is no more. is the free version of the blog software and it has served its purpose well but is limited in its features. Hence, I have upgraded to and the blog now has its own URL ( In addition to new features, gone is the annoying advertising that is part of the deal when you use the free version of

The first new feature is a plugin that allows me to add interactive maps to the blog. When I fully learn the software, I will be able to link markers on the interactive map to blog posts for that location along with pop up pictures. The plugin also has the capability t take downloaded tracks from our onboard navigation system and superimpose them on the map.

The first entry is our present location at Port Sidney marina. Clicking on the marker will bring up a picture taken from the boat looking over the marina. Clicking on the pop up picture will enlarge it to full size.

This feature has been given its own page called Chart Table and can be accessed by clicking on that page in the header. Let me know what you think.


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