We have been anchored in Claydon Bay for the last few days along with our new friends aboard M/V Dearleap. I will be doing a post on their beautiful wooden 1929 Hoffer Beeching 85 footer shortly but here is a quick picture with Iron Lady in the background.

D71 0933

We have been prawning and trying for salmon – the latter without much success – hopefully it is because the season hasn’t really started and not because of our technique. At any rate, a nice batch of prawns for dinner tonight.

There have been several eagles fishing around the cove in the evening so I dragged out my Nikon D7100 with my 18-200 lenses and set the camera to 7 frames per second and headed out in Beer Can (our skiff)for a photo op.

After racking up several hundred photos and narrowing the lot down, the following are the best of what I got.

D71 1007

D71 1019

D71 1016

D71 1017 Edit Edit

Before heading up here, I had an order in for a Tamron 150 – 600 lens. For reasons unknown the release date was originally scheduled for January for Nikon bodies. At last check, it is still not available.

I cropped several of the photos to blow the picture of the eagle up but that reduces resolution – really could have used that Tamron lens.

Oh well.

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6 Responses to Eagle

  1. Steve Guinn says:

    This is a great photo anyways!

    Steve Guinn

    • myironlady says:

      When Ron gets here with his big boy lense and the salmon are running hard, we should get great shots of most of the locals including grizzly bears. I thought they were the bad boys up here but it turns out that the cougars are in terms of threats to us.

  2. Bruce Lachiusa says:

    Just beautiful. We have a nesting trio here in Venice Fl and I just am amazed at their stature. Wonderful birds. Great pictures, thank you!

  3. Kathleen Guinn says:

    Awesome pics!!

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