Its always nice to have family and friends aboard. Our daughter Kim and her friend Daria joined us in the Societies in French Polynesia and flew up to join us in the Broughtons this year.

D71 1187

We were fortunate on the way up from Campbell River to come across two bull Orcas feeding along the Johnstone Strait. Sorry for the quality of the pictures but is was the best I could manage as they were feeding and not breaching at all. Still a treat for the girls to see them on their first day here.

D71 1189

D71 1199

I have talked about the tides and currents up here before and I took this shot of the Maretron screen to give you a better idea.

D71 1228

Note that we are running at our normal cruise RPM and are making 9.5 knots thru the water but only 4.7 speed over the ground – that translates to a current of almost 5 knots. If you look at the graph of speed over the ground you can see we were doing in excess of 12 knots (actual speed was over 15 knots but the graph didn’t go that high). And that variance occurred over a 4 hour period.

Also managed to see a few humpbacks on the way as well.

D71 1253

D71 1262

D71 1267

D71 1271

They seem to be congregating at the entrances to passages and channels around tide rips which concentrate the bait they are feeding on.

Our first night was spent in Lagoon Cove and took the girls pawning but I will cover that in a later post. We only spent one night and it was off to Sullivan Bay where I had arranged a fishing charter with Chris – the manager of Sullivan Bay. We were off to Queen Charlotte Straight past James Point as soon as the fog lifted.

D71 1294

Kim was the first to hook up with this nice sized pink salmon.

D71 1296

Daria was next with this sockeye.

D71 1298

The weather was perfect and the scenery looking back up the inlet was spectacular.

D71 1299

I was next with this small king.

D71 1301

D71 1308

D71 1311

Mixed in were some great views of the locals.

D71 1305

D71 1332

D71 1337

D71 1347

Kim with a nice silver and Daria with the big guy of the day.

D71 1353

D71 1356

Couldn’t imagine a better way to spend the day.

D71 1351

All told 9 nice fish to stock our freezer.

One filet from the big silver joined us for dinner marinated in soy and brown sugar and pan sautéed with brown rice and stir fired veges. Yum.


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  1. Laird Stuart says:

    Double Yum!

    • myironlady says:

      Remember the house on Ontario that was falling in to the lake? Including the fried beehive heart attack, the 2 pound roast beast and the martinis. Great memories. Next year you have to be with.

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