Sullivan Bay

We have been to Sullivan Bay a number of times. It is charming – a floating city.

This time around with our friends the Lanes we went out with Chris for some salmon fishing like we did with Kim and Daria so more about that in a minute. So a few pics of Sullivan.

IMG 1696

IMG 1698

Along with a dirty bird.

IMG 1699

All these marinas up here have their quirkly little charms. In Sullivan, one is there Par 1 golf ball range. Hit the bulls eye and you get free moorage.

IMG 1700

Diane teeing up.

IMG 0749

Sorry – no free moorage. Oh well.

Next morning it was off to fish with Chris – always a good day.

IMG 0732

IMG 0705

IMG 0707

IMG 0708

IMG 0709

IMG 0710

And we did get fish – fresh salmon.

IMG 0712

IMG 0736

Deb making love to a fish – sorry – no kisses tonight Deb.

IMG 0738

We did have it for dinner.

And Diane caught the big guy.

IMG 0723

Lots of nice scenery to boot and a few humpbacks,

IMG 0742

Pretty good way to spend the day.

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4 Responses to Sullivan Bay

  1. Steve Guinn says:

    Great photos! Diane’s caught a whopper! Must have been great eating.


    • myironlady says:

      It was a great silver salmon. This time of year as they prepare to enter the rivers and spawn, they really pack on the pounds. In a matter of a month or so, they will get up to 15 pounds and from our time in AK, they are just spectacular to catch on a fly rod. Caught fresh like this, they really are much better then we get at home.

  2. Kathi says:

    Love the pics of 4 wonderful friends!

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