M/V Deerleap

In my last post on Jennis and in my post on Claydon Bay (post is called Eagle), I mentioned our friends aboard M/V Deerleap that we met in Jennis. As it goes up here, you tend to run in to people at different times and places as you both make your rounds in the Broughtons. In the case of Slim and Deerleap, we ended up cruising around for about a week together, and did a bunch of fishing, prawning and crabbing.

The following is a nice picture of Deerleap (the old) with Iron Lady (the new) in the background in Claydon Cove.

D71 0957

Deerleap is an 85 foot Hoffar Beeching built in British Columbia in 1929. When Slim acquired her, she was basically a wrecked hulk lying in San Francisco Bay. Years of patient restoration has brought her back to life as the elegant lady she once was. Now repowered with two spit and polished Gardner diesels that stand almost 6 feet tall along with modern electronics she is quite the sight. Inside, fitting her elegance, the salon is furnished with mahogany furniture, tables with lace table cloths, lace window treatments and polished sterling silver tea sets. She has won numerous awards over the years. Each winter she is kept in a boathouse and Slim continues with her retrofit and maintenance. She spends her summers cruising the inside passage in BC.

Here are some additional shots – some taken when we bumped in to Slim again whilel the Lanes were aboard.

IMG 0655

IMG 0662

IMG 0669

A picture of me with Slim.

IMG 0671

And a nice shot to Iron Lady sitting at anchor taken from Deerleap.

IMG 0672

Hope to see Slim again next year on our way north.

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