Farewell to Nimmo

Had a number of fun shots Ron and I took around Nimmo that I wasn’t sure what to do with so I decided to combine them in a miscellaneous post.

For starters, the average water temperature up this way in open water is around 50 degrees – way too cold to swim. The smaller bays, however, warm in late summer to the low to mid 70’s making for a refreshing dip in the event your chosen water activity goes sideways.

D71 1659

IMG 0561

The water around Nimmo is still a bit chiller as the bay is fed by snow melt and spring water from the surrounding mountains. It is interesting how things changed from our first visit to our last. The water fall is a mere shadow of what it was in June. This year was particularly dry and Craig (owner of Nimmo) told us that he switched from hydropower to diesel generator a full month earlier then usual.

IMG 0564

D71 0807

A few shots of some interesting scenes around Nimmo.

IMG 0563

IMG 0565

The following is – you guessed it – a high chair.

IMG 0571

Heli-fishing is big at Nimmo – someones chariot awaits for the next day of fishing.

IMG 0621

Nimmo is well equipped so anglers need not bother with their own gear.

IMG 0573

IMG 0574

IMG 0575

IMG 0577

Cocktail hour on the float off the lodge.

IMG 0605

IMG 0607

Wonder what this young man is thinking of?

IMG 0609

Craig with some of the guys.

IMG 0611

And finally, a happy Deb and Diane.

IMG 0549

Till next time.

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  1. Kathi says:

    Lots of great pictures, but the best is the beautiful one of Diane and Deb!

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