Halloween 2014

Still have a few more posts to do on British Columbia which I will get to shortly (the big lie). Fall has come to Western Pennsylvania and the foliage has been great this year. So a few pictures.

DSC 6897

DSC 6891

IMG 0021

DSC 0081

Our children were home this past weekend which is a rare treat these days. Missing is daughter Lisa.

First a picture that they will probably regret.

DSC 6865

One they will probably not like but prefer.

DSC 6867

From left to right is our son George with his bride Gel, next is daughter Kim, then her friend Daria and finally son Pete.

We decided to have a pumpkin carving contest.

DSC 6849

I think you will find the results pretty impressive.

DSC 6882

DSC 6906

We will probably not get to have everybody together again until early 2015 so it was great fun and very special to have everyone here. As lives become more complicated and families scatter, you find that its not the day that is important – its just the opportunity to be together.

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4 Responses to Halloween 2014

  1. Steve says:

    Great family photos! Nice Jack-o-Latterns.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Kathi Guinn says:

    Love the pumpkins! Lots of talented carvers! And I wholeheartedly agree – it’s the opportunity to be together that’s important.

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