Youtube Video of our New Zealand Circumnavigation 2012

Its been awhile and while we are preparing to close on the sale of Iron Lady, our FPB64 and awaiting completion of our new FPB78 in New Zealand, I have been (somewhat wistfully) looking back over our many adventures aboard Iron Lady. For some time now, I have been threatening to do a video and now seemed the opportune time as I reminisced over the thousands of pictures we have taken.

You can get to the video thru the following link here


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2 Responses to Youtube Video of our New Zealand Circumnavigation 2012

  1. Kathi Guinn says:

    Pete, the video is fantastic! What gorgeous pictures, including the ones of you and Deb!! Steve wants to know where you got the music?
    Thanks for sharing!
    Kathi and Steve (we watched it together!)

    • myironlady says:

      Thanks – the music is from the group Vangelis – title is Songs of the Sea. I like New Age stuff and when I hear something I really like, I buy it. I have been meaning to do a video and when I heard the song, I thought it was perfect so that pushed me to finally get it done. Had to learn iMovie so that was another reason I have been putting it off, but iMovie is actually pretty user friendly.

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