29 degrees 40 S, 178 degrees 50 E

We have been at sea now for just over two days. Left New Zealand on the back side of a low pressure system which has moved more slowly eastward then anticipated. As a consequence, we have had gale to storm force winds (30 to 40 knots) since our departure instead of the 12 hours or so we expected. The good news is that waves and wind are right on our stern.

Most of the really big seas have been at night and I wish we could show you pictures because it was truly spectacular. At various times we have had seas pushing 20 feet with breaking crests. Looking out the back of the boat thru the door al you could see was a huge wall of watr approaching.

Iron Lady simply loved it. As one of these big guys approached from behind, she simply lifted up and just roared down the face of the waves. Our GPS was indicating speeds as high as 19 knots as we surfed down the wave faces and she would just surf along for periods as long as 7 seconds.

Life inside was much the same as usual. The high winds and big waves simply just don’t make that much difference to life aboard. A tribute to just how good this design is.

We have now gotten in to the rhythm of watch standing and life at sea. Deb is keeping watch as well. The days are passing quickly as we manage the boat, stand watch, and discuss our plans as we approach Tonga. We should be arriving in another 3 or 4 days.

The wind and seas are abating. This afternoon it is down to 20 knots and the seas are down to 10 feet or so. We have been enjoying the flybridge and the fishing rod is out in hopes of a tuna, wahoo or dolphin and the weather is supposed to continue to abate during the rest of our trip until we hit the trade winds near Tonga.

I’ll leave you with a few shots of the seas we saw earlier as they wee beginning to build.


Pete and Deb





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