While we were moving more quickly then we wanted, we were on a mission to scope out places and things are kids would like when we come back in August. So it was off to Savu Savu, the biggest town on the north island of Venua Levu. There are pearl beds here and I am quite certain that Kim and Debby will be back to see the women divers harvest the pearls (and probably harvest a few with their credit cards as well). If you get to Savu Savu, a visit to the Surf and Turf restaurant is worth your time.

Then it was on to Taveuni – must stop when we go back. Great waterfalls, trekking and a natural water slide as well as great diving and snorkeling around the Rainbow Reef.

Once we had scoped it out, we moved on to Qamea – a wonderful resort that normally doesn’t cater to us “Yachties”. Deb did her usual schmooze job and we went in for dinner and entertainment. It was wonderful and the local Dive Master pointed us to all the great reefs. The one just off the resort was one of the best we had seen.

IMG 0357

The highlight of the trip was yet to come so we moved on sooner then we would have liked. More on that in the next post, but here are a few more pictures of Qamea to entice you.

IMG 0359

IMG 0360

IMG 0363

IMG 0370

Here is another local resident – ubiquitous in the islands and they start crowing at 3 AM.

IMG 0379

A nice place to spend the afternoon lounging.

IMG 0384

And our gal.

IMG 0386


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