78-3 Build Update May 2017

Work is progression nicely in NZ and I thought I would share some of the latest pics from the yard. As an aside, it has been wonderful receiving frequent picture updates to monitor progress. Another technological marvel has been Skype – when questions arise based on the pics I am getting, the yard takes an iPad out to the boat along with the appropriate personnel and we do a video conference to address questions and concerns. Wonderful – and it avoids unpleasant surprises.

I’ll start at the stern which is still under construction. You can see three large lockers running across the transom. The right will be for petrol for the dinks, the center will house the diesel fire control pump and lots of other things given the size of the locker. The left will be for trash and more storage. The stairs from the aft deck to the swim step will come down to the left of centerline.

IMG 8543

Moving to the aft deck, the trapezoidal hatch to the left leads to the lazarette. Forward of the hatch is the built in that houses a sink and the BBQ along with lots of storage. The open area to the bottom of the locker is part on the engine room air induction system which is powered by several large variable speed fans. All engine room air intake and exhausts are protected by fire dampers as well in the event of an emergency.

IMG 8544

The trash compactor and 6 man offshore Solar life raft will live under the stairs to the matrix deck. The locker to the left of this area houses the refrigeration compressors and will also have serve as a day head. the locker to the right is a wet locker and also has houses the dinghy winch for the large dink.

The next shot is looking down into the lazarette thru the hatch on the back deck. Behind the ladder you can see the large stainless tool chest. To the right is a sink/vanity to serve crew when stationed aft – more on this in a bit. Since this area can also be accessed thru the engine room, the ladder folds up against the headliner so it is out of the way when no in use.

IMG 8546

Continuing with the lazaretto, the following is a picture of the aft end and the housings for the massive rudder posts.

IMG 8577

This following shows the tool chest and work bench located along the port side of the lazaretto. I will be making modifications to the sink area to make it more user friendly. Notice the little cubby added by Circa to house all those spray cans we all have aboard.

IMG 8579

Opposite the work bench is a double V berth and wet head for crew so they have their own escape and living space when needed.

IMG 8578

Turning to the engine room, most of the major components have been set.

IMG 8586

Visible in this shot are the 17 KW genset which can be run at either 50 or 60 Hz. Above the genset is the housing for the air induction fans and fire damper. Both exhaust risers for the 6068 JD engines are also visible.

The following shows the black and grey water tanks and in the background is the water maker.

IMG 8587

In this shot you can see the part of the hydraulic system, fuel filtration and manifolds and, in the background, the Webasto heater which provides heating and domestic hot water along with an engine heat exchanger and electric elements – the Webasto being the primary device unless underway and then the engine waste heat will be all that is required.

IMG 8585

The following is a shot of the Electrodyne air cooled rectifiers. With two double ended alternators producing upwards of 12KW, beefy air cooled rectifiers mounted separately form the alternators are required to handle the massive loads. In conjunction with the Victron inverters, all 240VAC, 120VAC, 24VDC and 12VDC loads can be comfortably handled when underway by the alternators. When at anchor, 14 high output solar panels will feed the 1600 amp hour 24 volt traction battery bank so the genset really should not be required very often.

IMG 8613

Lots more to show you but I will save that for next time.


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  1. Laird J. Stuart says:

    stunning. You must be having the time of your life. If worse comes to worse, you could use this as the set for some space craft movie! Laird

    • myironlady says:

      Really good stuff. Now you two need to join us. Break In trips include NZ, maybe Fiji or Tasmania early next year. Next stop Chile and the Horn after that. Beam me up Starship Iron Lady.

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