Te Kouma

As we have been delayed getting into the Viaduct Marina in Auckland, Steve has a a lot more pleasant anchorages for us to explore. We spent two nights in Te Kouma Harbor on the Coromandel Peninsula. Beautiful little spot with added benefits of great protection from yet another blow, mussel farms where we could pick up a bucket of same and the opportunity to get off the boat and do a little walking.

IMG 3044

The terrain is extremely steep so the best strategy was to find cow paths which traverse the hillsides switchback fashion.

IMG 3036

IMG 3030

IMG 3032

IMG 3034

It blew for 30 knots most of the day but around 4, we decided that I should take the dink to the nearby mussel farms while Steve stayed with the boat to keep and eye on things. It was really quite rough out in the channel and I was really pleased how well our Swift Inflatable handled it all. I was able to stay on plane even into it and the boat was very dry and had a nice soft ride.

The mussels are actually grown on drop lines hanging down from long lines on the surface which are supported by buoys. You are permitted to harvest the mussels yourself within an arms length of the surface. Naturally, the ones further down on the drop lines are much bigger and nicer. I really wasn’t looking forward to hanging over the side of the dink trying to collect them by hand in 30 knots of breeze. Fortunately, a work boat had just arrived and were kind enough to give me a large bucket for dinner.

This is what we had after cleaning them up.

IMG 3045

Dinner was quite a feast with steamed mussels prepared in several different ways, rustic bread and roasted baby potato.

IMG 3058

Cheers for now.

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4 Responses to Te Kouma

  1. Stephen Guinn says:

    You sure do eat well!

  2. Victoria Prostko says:

    Oh, I can just taste those mussels! Yumm!! Have a great time, tell Deb I said hi!

    • Peter Rossin says:

      Hi Vicki

      Will do. Waiting for a weather window to depart for French Polynesia. Cyclone Gita comes to visit us in the next few days but is weakening as it approaches. Unusual for NZ but that is the way the weather has been.

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