Fatu Hiva Part 3

It has been awhile so it is time to get back to some new posts on the Marquesas (especially when it has been below 0 F in Pittsburgh). I have several more I want to do on one of our favorite islands – Fatu Hiva.

So a bit of a mixture this time with lots of pictures starting with a bit of village life. This is our friend Temo, an experienced and talented wood carver (the Marquesans are known for their wood carving). He is holding a traditional Marquesan weapon – not something I would want to get hit with. Temo was also our guide for the jeep ride to Omoa – more on that to come in another post.

IMG 1018

IMG 1017

And his truck.

IMG 1015

An old stone carving.

IMG 1000

Some more scenes from around town.

IMG 1002

IMG 1005

IMG 1006

IMG 1025

Kids having fun playing soccer.

IMG 1028

And swimming.

DSC 6395

And “Miss I think this is how old I am”

IMG 1213

The church.

IMG 1009

And is that George Washington looking down over the bay?

DSC 6400

It was also wonderful to explore the rugged coastline in the dink.

IMG 1186

DSC 6386

Over the eons, water has eroded deep chasms into the rock faces and in some, you could quite literally motor a 100 yards or more back in to the cliff face – made all the more exciting by the not insignificant surge.

IMG 1297

DSC 6091

DSC 6086

DSC 6092

DSC 6100

IMG 1291

IMG 1273

IMG 1283

IMG 1288

And I will close with a pretty sunset over the head of the bay.

DSC 6421

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  1. J, Harrison says:

    Great photos. Thanks for sharing.

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