Campbell River

Campbell River is a busy small city with 3 good marinas, good marine chandleries, and stores including Walmart and Target. We are tied along side at Discovery Harbour Marina just north of town.

D71 0501

D71 0502

D71 0503

With guests arriving in July and August, we will use Campbell River as there point of arrival and departure as there is good commercial air service to Victoria and Vancouver. From here, we will explore Desolation Sound with the intent of scoping out good spots for our guests (and Deb who is REALLY interested in going to Dent Lodge owned by Mrs. Nordstrom – they should get along famously as they know our credit card well).

The way in to Campbell River features some ferocious tidal currents near Cape Mudge. Locals advise that currents there can run to 19 knots. We saw 6 plus on moderate tides. Fortunately they drop off in the shallows near the large rock break walls around the marinas. Still, docking in 18 knots of wind was not inconsequential.

There are a number of good restaurants that we have enjoyed – Anglers, Riptide and the Harbour Grill among them.

Went to one of the towns marine museums today but missed the one with the destruction of Ripple Rock – a rather infamous affair that claimed many boats and lives in Seymour Narrows – maybe see it next time we are here.

Still trying to get on to salmon down rigger fishing – have the gear but need some help. One guy said to head for Cape Mudge – sorry, not in 19 knots of current.

Did buy some fresh scallops, prawns and halibut today at Crabby Bobs on Fisherman’s Wharf. Fresh scallops for dinner tonight.

IMG 1537

IMG 1538

Off tomorrow for Desolation Sound – much nicer then it sounds.

WIll add some better pictures to this post later.


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