Docking Maneuvers

One of the things we like to do with our guests is to give them some time at the helm of Iron Lady. We begin on open water and let them get a feel for handling the shift, throttle, fly by wire steering and bow thruster. Once they get a grasp of the basics and learn that it takes our slippery little lady a LONG time to slow down even with the throttle pulled all the way back, its time for some close quarters maneuvering.

After a few years aboard, our guests are getting very good. Kim and Daria both managed to dock the boat with little or no instruction this year and last year, George was doing great as well.

Nimmo Bay is the perfect place to learn as there is little of no wind, no current and lots of maneuvering space and now it was Diane’s turn at the helm. After some basic instruction, Diane was left to her own for a bit in open water.

D71 1638

The look says it all – where did everybody go – I didn’t sign on for this.

D71 1639

Now looking much happier that Steve is back in the picture.

D71 1641

And Ron with his “we’re gonna crash look”. No worries – soon we were tied safely along side and a more relaxed Diane enjoys a sunny afternoon.

IMG 0585


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4 Responses to Docking Maneuvers

  1. Steve Guinn says:

    Great blog on teaching guests to steer. Diane looked fully incontrol.


    • myironlady says:

      She did great – despite Ron’s protestations. Good fun to see the guests learn how to handle the boat – even though we do it in benign conditions.

  2. Kathi says:

    Loved the pictures – everyone is so photogenic!

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