Jennis Bay

Jennis Bay Marina is another small marina in these parts. We just spent a night or two there but it was interesting in several respects. The first is the extensive number of active logging roads that criss cross the area that offered opportunities for hiking.

As and aside, I am not particularly in favor of clear cut logging and the scars it leaves. Nor do I understand the rationale that seems to go in to deciding what areas get logged. Major areas on hillsides are cut clean and one small stand of a few trees is left in the center of it. Large swatches are logged checkerboard fashion in a manner that seems to defy any logical reason. When I compare how logging is managed in New Zealand and British Columbia, it seems that New Zealand has the better system.

The following were taken in BC.

IMG 1111

IMG 0856

These was taken in New Zealand.

DSC 2567

DSC 2600

The difference is pretty obvious – in New Zealand selective areas are harvested and then replanted. In BC, trees are cut down, debris is left behind and only minimal replanting occurs. We were told it is far better now then in days gone by, but it would seem that those who manage timber harvesting in BC could take a lesson from there friends down under.

Anyway, back to the logging roads at Jennis. Another interesting feature is that equipment that is no longer functional is simply pushed to the side of the logging roads and left.

IMG 1609

IMG 1614

As this area was still being actively logged, some newer equipment was present as well.

IMG 1611

IMG 1612

IMG 1613

Our walk was interrupted by an active blasting zone in a section where they were building new roads so it was back to the marina which brings me to our introduction to Slim and his beautiful 1929 Hoffar Beeching. Slim happened to be on the docks after a morning of fishing, pawning and crabbing – looks like he had a pretty good day.

IMG 1615

We actually got to be good friends with Slim and ended up traveling together for a week or so. More about that next time.

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